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Designing a grant-winning pitch deck in 24hrs for a Bangalore-based meal kit delivery startup.


Prepd offers planned meal kits — freshly chopped and portioned raw ingredients with an easy-to-cook recipe, personalized using dietary plans developed by in-house nutritionists — delivered to doorstep as per convenience.

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A cool looking mockup of an iPad showcasing Prepd pitch deck's opening slide

Creating the Pitch Narrative

The startup had successfully completed two pilots with an MVP application and was pitching to Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) for incubation. There was a lot of information gathered through research, surveys, and pilot runs that could demonstrate the need and feasibility of the idea. The team had detailed business models, target demographics, distribution strategies, market statistics and the competitor landscape. What was lacking was a cohesive narrative to present all this information through.

Due to some inexplicable forces in the universe, the team had only begun making the pitch the day before the presentation, and I was brought in later that evening. In under 24 hours, we had to compile the research and data into a clean pitch deck with an engaging story.

Drawing from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, a concept he made popular in his 2011 TED talk, we defined a simple flow of information — starting with why what Prepd is about to do is important and has value, what exactly it is going to do, and finally how it is going to do it. Most startup pitches can be fit into the same framework.

A Presentation to Guide the Pitch

Using a simple wordmark identity and a bold colour scheme, we created a clean, concise, content-driven pitch deck that can function as a standalone document but is best delivered when accompanied by the presentation. The deck provides concise pointers and information graphics to allow the audience to comfortably follow the pitch and to guide the presenter when needed.