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A comprehensive brand identity system and a consistent web experience for a tech company.


Wharfedale Technologies (WFT) is an award-winning, global, enterprise technology management organization specializing in cloud migration solutions. They help customers move their SAP or other ERP landscapes to Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure, enabling process agility and performance gains. Since 2000, WFT has been servicing Fortune 500 customers, providing world-class cloud integration solutions.

Brand Design
UI / UX Design
Web Development
SaaS — Cloud Migration
A multi device mockup showcasing Wharfedale Technologies website and logo

A Thorough Brand Refresh

WFT needed a new brand identity and visual language that looked modern and reflected the brand’s core attributes like expertise, reliability and support. The existing logo looked dull and outdated, and lacked a complementing brand visual language that worked across different media. The new brand identity was to make the company appear dominant and experienced, capable of handling any workload. It had to position the company accurately among its competitors in the cloud migration market.

The main challenge for the logo redesign was to think up a concept that would readily inform viewers about their cloud services aspect without looking cliché or underdone. We iteratively explored various logo forms, type settings and identity concepts before landing on the right one that conveyed the desired brand qualities.

Identity concept explorations

The final logo was a unique, modular, digital-first brand mark that looked cohesive despite using multiple graphic elements and colours. We also created a responsive identity system using modules of the logo, allowing the identity to elegantly scale up or down for different application sizes while retaining recognizability and legibility. We extended the identity graphics, type and colour palette into a visual language that can be used across various brand collateral.

We created a brand book which contains extensive brand guidelines that explain how to use the WFT identity with clarity across various applications. The book offers thorough elaborations about the brand identity’s many facets like the logo mark and its elements, brand colour palette, typography, tone of voice, imagery, etc.

Website Design & Development

Taking off of the basic brand visual language and developing it as we go, we created a website that was consistent with the brand and its principles. The website architecture was designed to effectively communicate details about the range of solutions offered by the company. We started by making low-fidelity wireframes to ensure the content-heavy subject matter was broken down into a digestible flow with supporting graphics. We chose to use Greycliff by Connary Fagen, a geometric sans serif comparable to the brand typeface Gilroy, but only cheaper and more legible on account of its larger cap height to x-height difference.

We used Webflow, a feature-rich no-code website builder, to develop the site. Using interaction tools on the platform, we were able to implement detailed multi-step animations, scroll, hover and click interactions, and functional elements like sliders and carousels. Webflow’s custom code features allowed us to implement SEO strategies using meta descriptions and keyword tags.