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Lanna Tourism

Creating a brand identity and a light-weight website for a ecotourism business.


Lanna Cultural Tours is a Thailand-based tourism business that organizes and executes tours in northern Thailand, in and around the Chiang Rai province. The kinds of tours they offer range from treks to biking trips to spiritual expeditions.

Identity Design
Web Design
The Lanna Cultural Tours logo in a step farming hill backdrop

An Identity Based on Culture

Lan Na, the kingdom of a million rice fields, also known as Lannathai, is an Indianized state in Northern Thailand with a history of an independent kingdom from the 13th to 18th centuries. At its prime, the Kingdom spanned across Northern Thailand, including parts of modern-day Myanmar, China and Laos. The verdant fields and the focus on agriculture are still around, much like their ancient culture and art form. With their trips located in the northernmost province of Thailand, the tourists at Lanna find themselves at the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, privileged to experience the unique blend of nature, adventure and tradition. From elephants wandering majestically in the vast forest to the tranquil peace of ancient Buddhist monasteries, the tours offer an immersive experience into the culture and ecology of the place.

The objective was to create a brand identity based on the culture and tradition of the region. After exploring logo concepts using elements like rice, Bodhi leaves, and even the Buddha (which we later realised is considered very disrespectful), we landed on an logo that uses the Bodhi leaf and the location's iconic animal, an elephant.

The brand identity also included a colour palette, also inspired by the local culture, a combination of three typefaces and photography guidelines. Brand collateral like advertisements, postcards, posters and magazine spreads were designed to illustrate applications of the identity.