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Creating an impactful pitch deck for a blockchain and AI based cyber defense platform.


Founded by a team of Cybersecurity pioneers in Asia Pacific, Cipherics offers powerful deep tech cyber defense solutions to growing SMEs, large enterprises and governments, using its first-of-its-kind autonomous blockchain defense platform, VULCEUN.

Communication Design
Graphic Design
SaaS — Cybersecurity
A mockup of two laptops with the Cipherics pitch deck open

Distilling to a Intelligible Flow

The pitch was primarily to showcase Cipherics’ innovative defense platform, VULCEUN, what they call the world’s first autonomous digital CISO. The product uses patent-pending technology to offer state-of-the-art threat prediction, detection and protection services, and introduces novel self-healing capabilities.

To effectively communicate the value and potential of VULCEUN to potential investors and customers, all the available information like background story, problem cases, product technicalities, business strategies, etc., had to be compiled into a cohesive and impactful story. The technical details of the product, like its deceptive AI capability, use of blockchain vision and cyber-reasoning, needed to be explained in understandable terms and information graphics. The deck had to be visually engaging and also self-sufficient in terms of information, to be able to serve as both a presentation and a standalone document.

After an extensive onboarding to understand the product’s technical details, USPs and business model, we iteratively wireframed multiple drafts before finalizing our content strategy. Using a similar approach to Prepd, the narrative began with emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity, the rising threat of cyberattacks in today's digital landscape, and the need for a next-gen cybersecurity product. In the case of Cipherics, given the founder’s luminous record of achievements in cybersecurity, it was important to introduce who was behind the solution before the solution itself. The following details about the product and its technicalities were divided into relevant digestible chunks of information with assistive visuals. The deck closes with explaining the market statistics and the adopted business strategy to ensure the VULCEUN's success.

Visualizing the Pitch Deck

The visual design process began with gathering references to set up a moodboard for the look of the pitch deck. We decided the deck was going to be primarily dark themed to reflect the ominous nature of cyber attacks in today’s hyper-digital landscape. Matching the visual language of contemporary blockchain tech companies, we used a vibrant aqua-to-purple gradient in the dark theme to highlight the slides that described the product and its technicalities. Towards the end of the deck, it transitions to a light theme while elaborating on the business model and plan of action. With clear text hierarchy and ample negative space, we ensured information is unambiguous and easy to understand.

The deck was built in both Google Slides and PowerPoint. The transitions effects and animations these tools offer allowed us to introduce motion in the deck for aesthetic appeal as well as to effectively breakdown long or complicated ideas and processes.